Thursday, February 9, 2012

Major Majors and Small Things

Coat, Sweater, Shirt: Thrifted
Boots: Kmart, Old
Jeans: Gap, Sale
Necklace: Gift, Kohl's

There are major majors happening right now and I feel like I am drowning in wading though mud. The major majors are invading all aspects of life right now and there are going to make things more difficult, before they make things better. The positive part is that things will get better. Right now though, if I fall out of communication here and there know that I am still here. Soon I will be able to share the major majors, but not right now. 

Positive part, sometimes all I need is a gritty, peeling wall, a little graffiti, some sunshine, and my shadow. Yep, that is all it takes to lift a mood, a little. Small things, lovelies, that is what I am focusing on, small things.