Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Taking It My Way

Vest: TJ Maxx, Clearance
Sweater: Old Navy, Clearance
Jeans: Gap
Boots: DSW, Clearance (Old)
Watch: Target
Taking it my own way is the way I decided to go for this Inspired Look. Two Bird's gave two option and here is my combo look. I really love this vest and wish you could feel how soft it is. Heavenly soft and warm that is the way I love to describe it. I really didn't need the warmth since it was in the high 50's but the comfort of the softness was fantastic. I am so tactile that find myself a little absent mindedly petting myself. This wouldn't be such a deal if I stayed in and only wore it at home, but I like to wear it out and than have to remind myself why people are looking at me oddly. Yep, nothing to see here just giving myself a pet.