Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spanx Me Into Submission

I Have A Confession...

Spanx ROCK!

Actually, I wouldn't know about Spanx since I am
incredibly cheap thrifty and cannot bring myself to spend $$$
on shape wear. I, however, have no problem buying some-
one else's shape wear at my local thrift store for a mear $3.

I know you are probably think EWWWWW, but seriously
I wash before I wear thrifted items and it isn't like it is 
an actual pair of underwear. 

It is only an entire body
sucking in miracle device that gives me the waist of 
my dreams and the light headed feeling to boot of
"I just went to happy hour"

Yep, I now understand why corsets were
invented, it was totally for the lovely light headiness,
and, of course, the amazingly fabulous feeling of
having your entire mid section being squeezed into submission.

Take that "two children later" 
waist, and stomach, and thighs!

Yep, I am totally wearing it!
My sister is not!
(Jealous! Um, Yes)