Monday, January 16, 2012

Meet Halston III

"Women make fashion. 
Designers suggest, 
but it's what women do with the clothes
 that does the trick."

- Halston 

Say hello to...

 Halston III

Isn't she lovely?!

Even better, than the fact that she has a
unique floral lattice print, is that she was
thrifted for $1.50!!!!!

Yep, she is all mine and for a major steal!

As soon as I saw the label I Googled it
to make sure that my eyes weren't
playing tricks on me.

I was practically ready to start jumping up
and down when I discovered that sure 
enough she did hail from the reverent
House of Halston.

While Halston III was an affordable
 label of the Halston Fashion House, 
initiated for the J.C. Penney Company in 1983,
it is a treasure just same 
and vintage to boot.

Sweater: Halston III, Goodwill, Skirt: Gap, Goodwill,
Belt(worn as necklace): Goodwill,
Boots: Kmart (old), Tights: Target


Speaking of boots, these are the boots
I actually styled for this outfit. I wanted
to play up the pink and purple in the sweater.

Suede and snow don't mix well though so 
wellies if was for leaving work now that 

Michigan has swung back into the swing
of winter in January.