Friday, January 27, 2012

Just Say No...

I Love A Good Lesson...

Cardigan: Knit By My Grandma
(I have had it since I was 11 yrs old!)
Pants: Gap, Sale
Belt: F21
Shirt: Thrifted, Goodwill
Beret: Thrifted, Value Village
Boots: Parade of Shoes (RIP)

I DON't like burgundy or wine colors, although I love to drink those. (Everything went since I NEVER wear them.)

I DON'T like short sleeved turtlenecks.
(I have several of them and NEVER wear them so away they went. I mean seriously, when it is -5 do I really want to wear a short sleeve shirt. Hells to the no!)

I DON'T like straight dresses.
(This was a painful decision since I purchased two at Target over a year ago and wore them only one time. Looking at OAGJ pictures though I realized they aren't a flattering silhouette oh me so away with them.)

I DON'T like the color gray.

(I didn't get rid of everything that is gray, but I really don't like the color. I need to remember to not buy it because it won't be worn.)

I DON'T like crew necks.

( ALL of these went with the exception of a few sweaters and work out t-shirts. The main issue I have with the crew neck is the basic fact that my shoulders are so wide that it just makes we look, well, wide. I need a bit of skin to show to balance my upper half out.)

It doesn't matter how much I love an item if it is faded it must go or be converted to sleep wear. I know, my husband is so lucky with a wife who comes to bed in faded old clothing but that is how I roll and he loves me anyway:)
Happy Friday Lovelies!



Next week I will be showcasing my closet organization in a Vlog:)
Oh, chuckle, chuckle,it should be interesting.