Monday, January 30, 2012

There Is Always...

Something To Be Thankful For.

Jacket: Salvation Army
Dress/ Tights: TJ Maxx, Clearance
Sweater: Target, Clearance (Old)
Boots: DSW, Clearance (Old)
Necklace: Goodwill

Here is a short list from Friday...

- Picking the one bottle return machine that worked for glass bottles
- Hanging out with 15+ college guys all returning bottles for Friday night fun and being able to chuckle about the fact that they were all returning cans while I had the pleasure of returning premium beer bottles (it is a big deal when you can actually afford a decent bottle of beer.)
- Said college guys being to excited for said partying to try and return all of their bottles
- Grabbing up extra bottles college guys left behind to add a few extra dollars to my refund
- Extra nice customer service gentleman at Meijer who returned my things even though they didn't have tags on them (actually they never had tags.)
- Pouring rainy day turning into cloudless blue sky sunny afternoon
- Surprise refund checks from work for both Greg and I
- Smiling at strangers who smile back
- Children who are so exhausted from the week that they fall asleep immediately without challenging bedtime



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