Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Celebration Time!

Your 1 year old OAGJ!

My how you have grown and I am so proud of you.
Well, I thought a Blogiversary deserved a closet clean out.
Boo Ya!
Exciting times I tell you.
I managed to pack up an entire garbage bag of shoes, clothes, and coats.
It was a tiny bit heart breaking since a few were purchased within the last year.
HATE when that happens!
Anyway, my closet is reorganized and hangers have wiggle room.

Moving Patterns Ahead
When I was being all creative and designing OAGJ's new header I chose the pics that I loved the most from the last year. The surprise came when I noticed that I was wearing a print in all of them. So I organized my closet by print type instead of color. Now all the prints are together instead of spread out all over. I love how it looks. It is so much fun to walk in and see the colors and patterns.

Thanks for an amazing first year
and I cannot wait to see what 
this year brings!