Monday, January 23, 2012


Jacket and Sweater Tunic: Thrifted, Goodwill
Boots: DSW, Clearance (old)
Jeggings: NY&Co, Clearance
Belt, Shirts: Target
Gloves: Gift

Jumping to stay warm actually ends up taking a rather fantabulous picture.
have to say I am rather impressed with how high I was able to get
off of the ground. I wonder what I would look like attempting the same jump after eating  the 3 doughnuts I consumed at work the next day?

Good thing I don't have to find that out anytime soon since it is so frigid I am living in so many layers I cannot feel, let alone see what damage the doughnuts are doing.

Oh, winter how I love you for allowing for lovely doughnutty days with no regret.