Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sea Glass For The Holiday

Remember Me?

How to remix Summer Jewels for Winter
and a fantastically amazing deal!

My dear friend Staci, is offering to OAGJ

reader's a terrific deal for holiday gifting.
Simply purchase one of the beautiful pieces
through her Etsy shop and receive 20% off
when you use FBFriends at checkout!

I remixed my sea glass necklace and 
bracelet created by Staci just for me 
this summer for winter with this outfit.

I also added my sea turtle beaded ring 
and chain mail earrings all from
Constantly Unfolding.

I love all of the beautiful blue and green 
shades of these pieces. Since I can't live
at the beach I can at least channel it until
Spring when we are off to Florida:)