Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Cobalt Christmas?

If you can even believe it, considering
that I am usually the first person to wear
a new item as soon as I get it, I have never
actually worn this shirt.

Now I say, never actually worn because I 
did put it on last Spring to take these pictures
but I never actually wore the shirt outside
of that experience.

So the shirt has been taunting me ever since
the weather has turned cooler. Taunting me 
with my own words, " You should never thrift 
something unless you are going to wear it."

Clothes can just be so mean.

Being the guilt freak that I am I decided
to try and be friends, by not only wearing
it but by allowing it, out of the kindness of my
heart, to be in the running for my holiday outfit
for 2011.

I know, I am too generous and
I should have just left it hanging
in the closet as a punishment for it's 
flippant attitude.

I know that it is going to think a lot of itself
now, especially because so many people 
commented on it's amazing sapphire color 
and how it would make for such a pretty
holiday outfit.

Oh, feisty, flippant shirt,
you may have won this battle but there
are several other contenders for you to beat
out first to take the big prize.

Shirt, Vest: Thrifted, Goodwill, Pants: Target, Clearance (Old),
Heels: Payless, Clearance (old), Necklance: JCPenny, Clearance,
Long Necklace: Kohl's (Old), Earrings: (Studs) Gift,
(Hoops) Saver's, Thrifted, Flower: Can't Remember