Friday, December 16, 2011

Reserved vs. Rowdy, Christmas Eve vs. Christmas Day

A Christmas Eve Outfit:

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite aspects of our holiday season.

 It is the one day of all the celebrations that I can just
relax and enjoy myself. My Mother-In-Law plays the fabulous
hostess role to a perfect "T". Not a dish is left empty or a 
glass unfilled. Laughter and music ring through the house the
entire day. I would even go out on a limb and describe it as
very relaxing. Maybe it is because my husband has a tiny family.
It only consists of his dad, his mom, his younger brother, his aunt, 
his uncle, and his cousin. That is it. Towards evening the house
will grow in company as special close neighbors stop by for dinner
as well as other treasured guests but for the majority of the day
it is just our little family. 
Maybe, I feel this way because I am an extension of a very 
rowdy crowd of aunts, uncles, and cousins. As well as the 
newly married members of our family and boyfriends and girlfriends
galore. Not to mention the matriach of the our family my grandmother
and her husband. All in all on Christmas day their can be up to 40-60 people
crammed all snug into my mother's house. 
It is quite a crowd. 
We have joked that there may come a time we need to rent a hall
to fit all of us once more new additions bless our family.
Not one of us is very quiet either.
We are actually LOUD and OBNOXIOUS and in need of lots
of wine to lubricate our lungs 
(of those who are not recovering alcoholics)
in order to be heard over each other.
For those who are, it is simply coffee or pop.
Than they can partake in the hilarity of the rest of us who are drinking.
All is fair in sobriety and laughing at those who are not.
It is hysterical and exhausting
and every year I wish that I could just skip it and stay home.
Well, last year I got my wish and learned a lesson.
You know what....
Be careful what you wish for.
I enjoyed my Christmas's Eve celebration as usual and
then proceeded to go home and throw up all night.
Yep, no Christmas for me.
I spent the entire day and the next few in bed.
That was the loneliest and WORST Christmas ever.
This year I will embrace the chaos for a chance to 
celebrate with my family and I will be  blessed
in ever minute of the loud voices and 
laughter at my rowdy wine drinking:)

On that note:

What do you think of this for my Christmas Eve outfit?
We get dressed to the 9's for Christmas day, but I like
to keep it a bit more relaxed for Christmas Eve.
I love the pop of red as well as the fur buckle vest.
I was super comfortable in it all day at work
so that is a bonus for sitting around and eating and 
drinking all day.

I am still undecided, but it is definitely a contender.

Vest, Bracelet: F21, Skirt: Polo, Thrifted, Goodwill, Shirt: Vanity, Old,
 Heels: Steven Madden, Marshall's, Tights: Target, Metallic, Clearance