Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Outfit Evolution and A Quick Change

Friday night was the family holiday party Otto and Ava's daycare.
O and A were so excited that there was a crazy buzz of energy
around our house.

Thank goodness for this, since as Friday wore on, I had more and 
more of Otto's nasty cold symptoms creeping up on me.
If I didn't have their energy to pull from, I know, I would have
ended up curled up on the couch in a pile of blankets and 
completely missing the party.

Since I HATE dressing up when I feel like crap I decided to 
save myself some brain drain by using an inspired picture
via Pinterest and tweaking it.

I little bonus was the mixture of festive bevvies my
lovely hubby made for me to partake in prior to the party.
It was a strictly NO Bevvy party.

(To the chagrin of the adults in attendance!)
 but there
wasn't anything against a pre-bevvy celebration so we partook
in creating our own. After a long week and a party that started
when all of our little one' should have been asleep it seemed
like the right thing to do;)

Kids who are sleepy + toys + candy + cookies+ free reign of a UAW Hall
= some needed beverage fun for the adults!

Let the Holiday Roll On!

Here is the evolution of inspiration:

1. I started with an image from Pinterest.

Pinned Image

2. I swapped the green checks for blue.

3. I swapped the pink pencil skirt for purple.

4. I swapped the mustard belt for cobalt.

5. I added my gold heels for added drama.

A holiday outfit is born

and than DIES!

Yup, I HATED my version.
(I actually like it for a work outfit but not a holiday

party look. There was something about it that was off.
My husband said it was the shoes but I think it might have
been my navy blue nylons.)

Tune in tomorrow for what I actually wore when 

I link up for Two Birds Inspiration Monday!