Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lame Tell You About My Favorite...

New Dress!

Both my sweater and my dress, worn as a skirt,
were purchased at F21 on State Street in Chicago.
I had been trying to thrift a lame maxi skirt for 
a couple of month now. I wanted to purchase vintage
but couldn't find one, so when we walked by F21
and I saw this "skirt" in the window I quickly veered
into the store to take a closer look. 

To my delight
I discovered that it wasn't a skirt but actually a 
spaghetti strapped dress with the vintage vibe
I was looking for. 

I had to giggle with glee when I tried it on and
sashed out of the dressing room. I just felt amazing
and I must have looked it because a group of friends
who were all trying on items and showing them to 
each other stopped, stared, and than 
said that I looked amazing and that I had to buy that dress!

Oh, the kindness of strangers:)

I fell in love with the weight and feel of the material.
It seriously feels silky with an amazing metallic sheen to it.

Since it is NOT bare shoulder weather...
I decided to pair it with a metallic threaded top, sequin flats
(although I wanted to pair it with silver ballet flats and couldn't find them), and
my DIY necklace that I made this summer.

This was a super comfortable outfit to wear and I cannot
wait to wear my dress again. I will most likely, pair it with
a different top though. I am not loving the line of this top with
such a flowy bottom. I have an undefined waist and need a
bit more definition than it is giving me in these pictures.

That is why I LOVE blogging though... 
I can see what isn't working for me 
and fix it the next time around 
instead of walking around only looking so, so, 
I have the ability to look fabulous. 


Taking picture in Michigan in November stinks!
(I actually had to use my car's headlights to light these pics!)
The lighting is horrible and it is dark by 4:30pm.
I am going to just apologize now because, until
Spring, things are not going to be looking exactly
perfect around OAGJ!



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