Friday, November 11, 2011

Piece De Yummy

Giordano's serves authentic Chicago Stuffed Pizza.

I don't eat a lot of carbs, let alone stuffed pizza, but there
was no way that I was going to let that stop me from 
partaking in this flavor rich meal. 

Honestly, you can't even
walk on the other side of the street without having the
enticing smells coming from the restaurant attack your
sense of smell and in turn start your tummy growling.

We saved this stop for right before we headed off to the
airport to fly home. It was the crown jewel of a weekend
filled with great food, drink, shopping, and above all
bonding time with my amazing sister!

Henri Bendel's will soon be arriving at the Water Tower Place
shopping tower. I love Bendel's and couldn't resist taking a picture
in front of their fun store front to be.

Giordano's Caprese Salad

My beautiful sister rocking the sequin again.
I told you we packed A LOT of sequin;)
Day or night, sparkle bright, is our motto.

My personal favorite, Calamarri.
Like everything we sampled this was beyond amazing.
I have been craving it all week! 
That is HOW AMAZING it was!

Well, this concludes my Chicago review but not before this little 
tid bit of humor....

We had the entire pizza picture above to take home
on the plane with us  and ladies and gentlemen, if you would
like to make A LOT of new male friends, 
bring a Giordano's pizza with you. 
(Although if you do be prepared for an arm work out.
The pizza weighs A LOT)

I had assumed that I may
get a comment from security regarding my pizza 
but never thought I would have so much male attention.
 Male after male who spotted the box had to ask 
if there was really a pizza inside and if I was really
taking it home. I said that we were and it was going to
be split between our husbands for their souvenir.
The response every time was the same: 
WOW, now that is an amazing souvenir. 

I guess it is true...
every man does think with his stomach or something like that;)
Next Week: 
I will introduce my new lovely clothes that I purchased
on our trip. Oh, I didn't go crazy with shopping, but I 
definitely have some new favorites added to my closet.
It made getting dressed this week a lot of fun!




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