Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just To Shop...

I was nervous for my shopping expedition in Chicago and really
had to think about whether setting aside my retail ban for the 
weekend was a good idea. I mean seriously, I am in a major city
that contains almost all of my favorite stores on one single street.
Stores that I normally have to online order from because there
isn't one anywhere near Ann Arbor, MI.

Anyway, what I discovered was actually exciting to me...
I didn't need to shop just to shop.

Yep, that is right.

Oh, don't get me wrong I did purchase quite a few items
but every single item I purchased filled a hole in my closet.

Since starting my retail ban I have really taken an inventory
of my closet and made mental as well as Pinterest lists of items
that I would like to add.

When Laurie and I hit the stores I had this list in my mind
and, thanks to lovely smart phone, my Pinterest images in hand.
I stuck to those ideas as we shopped. 

I didn't limit myself and looked at other items that I liked
as well, but when it came down to deciding what to buy 
I made sure that I had honored the list.

The best part was that I was able to help Laurie save a few
dollars as well with this thought process. 

Before we would check out 
we would show each other what we had picked
and I would ask her, " If you leave this piece behind and don't
purchase it now would you be devastated later?". If she answered
"Yes", than she bought it, but if she answered "I don't know" or
"No", than she put it back. On the last day, we even decided
that a few things needed to be returned and headed out to
do just that.

My dress, shirt, and bracelet are examples 
of holes that have been filled.

Fuchsia Skater Styled Dress
I have been looking for a skater styled dress for over a year.
Every time that I would find one that I liked it would cost a
small fortune and were always online so that also meant shipping.
I don't mind paying more for quality items but I don't like paying
shipping fees at all.

So when we stopped at Topshop, one of my FAVORITE stores,
and I found this lovely little number I automatically knew that
if it was a terrific fit I would be buying it right than and there.
As you can see I bought it and now I can stop looking!

Lace Long Sleeved Top
I have fallen in love with lace tops ever since I thrifted my short
sleeve black lace top last Spring. When I saw this long sleeved version
with the addition of the lovely gold tone I knew I had to have it.
I can style it so many different ways that it is a staple closet item.
A lot of people might not think of it that way but I would rather
where a lacy lovely any day than a simple black t-shirt.

Jaguar Bracelet
Ever since I saw this lovely lady's vintage bracelet I have been on
the lookout for one of my own. Every thrift store, consignment shop,
or antique store I have been in within the last year it is the first
thing that I look for. So when Laurie and I were in F21 buying
my silver dress and I spotted this cuff it was again a no brainer
the bracelet was mine and at $8 it was a deal.


Shop with a purpose 
and you will avoid purchases
that end up sitting in your closet or 
even worse, items that you end up 
having wasted your hard earned money.




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