Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why Three?

Gwen Stefani passed through my mind as I was piecing together
this outfit.
I picked up this jumper at Saver's earlier this summer and purchased
it for $6.
I love the plaid and the stand out skirt. The dress has a knit underside that at
first glance I thought I could remove the plaid skirt and create two items from.

My belt is covering up the zipper, which on second glance revealed that
 the idea of separating these tow pieces would be impossible. The
zipper literally cut the two pieces in half. I was sad at first
because I loved the thought of being able to wear them
as separates and as one piece. I quickly moved
on though when I wore the jumper and loved
the way that it fit. The material of the skirt
kept it stiff for a stand out effect
whiled the knit tank dress
made it the most
dress I

I chose a white button up shirt to wear under the jumper and 
maroon heels for a pop of color. I felt very feisty all day
in my chic outfit. I cannot wait to remix the jumper
in as many different ways as possible this winter.

My male students cracked me up with their 20 questions as to why
I would wear three belts with this jumper. I explained that it was
actually one belt with three buckles which left them even more perplexed. 

Why in the world would I wear a belt with three belt buckles? 


Because it looks cool, of course! 

Oh, adolescent boys, I am so sorry to make ladies even more complicated for you;)