Friday, October 14, 2011

A Little Q &A

A Pair, A Day:

I have had several of the same question asked 
lately, so I decided to take a post to answer
the most frequently asked questions.

Am I growing my hair out?

Yes and No, I am growing it out a bit for winter
but plan to keep it a shorter style. I feel that my
hair style is an accessory that needs to be changed
up all the time. That means when Spring rolls around
I will cut it into a shorter Pixie cut again.

Mile long legs?

I have never thought about my legs being really that long.
Remember, I have a sister who is 5'10'' and I am the shortest
person, at 5"7'', out of my cousin's on my dad's side so I have
always thought I was a bit gawky compared to the rest of my
long legged and svelte family members. On my mom's side I am the second
tallest next to my sister, and everyone one is a lot shorter than we are.
Until I started blogging I didn't even like my legs;)

The right camera angle really helps to.
Shoot the image on an angle from as close to the ground as possible
this really helps to elongate the picture.

Where do you take your pictures?

I live near Ann Arbor, Michigan towards Toledo, Ohio
so it is farm country all around me.
Most of the pictures I take are in parks near work or home.
Or, in the case with these images, a random corn field road 
I happened to pass on my way home and decided to stop.
I really like to try and capture the beauty of the 
area as well as my outfit. 

Michigan is a really lovely state and, as much as 
I DESPISE winter and cold weather, 
I do love the change of seasons with all that they have to offer.

Oh, and I take all my own pictures using a tripod and self timer setting.

Where are my favorite places to thrift?

The Goodwill in Saline, Michigan because it has terrific
prices and a great selection of Ann Taylor and LOFT items.
vintage jewelry and accessory selection.
Value Village in Ann Arbor, MI also has some amazing
finds but no dressing rooms. I have to always
remember to wear tight fitting clothes in order
to try on things over what I am wearing.
It is back to being very Fall weather here so I will be
trying to stay warm and cozy. 
My dear friend's baby shower is 
tomorrow so I am really excited for that.

 I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

Jacket/ Skirt: Thrifted, Value Village; Heels: Clearance, Kmart
Turtleneck: Victoria Secret; Tights: Clearance, Old Navy;

Brooch (used for a button): Victoria Secret, gift with purchase