Friday, October 21, 2011


Retail Ban Update:

I cannot believe that I ever thought I wouldn't be able to
handle a ban from shopping. The last time I purchased anything
was September 27! It is unbelievable that in another week it
will officially check off 30 of my 60 days.

I have been tempted to purchase a new pair of gloves but that
is the only item that has crossed my mind. Okay, also a pair of
legwarmers and a pair of arm warmers. 

I think you can tell that it has been really cold here this week! 

Other than temptation from these items...
 my closet and dresser remix is fantastic and I have
also been remixing my shoes like crazy. I haven't removed anything
yet from my closet to donate but have, instead, breathed new life
into more items that I haven't worn in a long time. 

Shopping my working closet has been so much fun!

My organization for this outfit started with my v-neck thrifted
H&M sweater. It has been only in the 40's this week so I added
a sweater tunic under it and then my black vest over it. I paired
it with my leather leggings and a pair of platinum studded flats.
(I didn't take a picture of them on their own. It was pouring
rain and FREEZING so this was a quick shoot.)

I than added my vintage 70's Sherpa coat over the entire look.
I LOVE this coat. It is super warm as well as fits with the 70's
trend for this fall. I picked it up for $20 at the Goodwill last Spring.
It was a lot for me to spend on a thrifted coat but it is in mint
condition and well, I really loved it!

Enough said:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

We are trick-or-treating at the Toledo Zoo this weekend.
I cannot believe that Halloween is only a week away
on Monday! This fall is certainly flying by.