Thursday, October 20, 2011

Near My Heart, Remembered

I felt like I was trying to channel either a jockey or 
a rich aristocratic English lady in this outfit. I have
been looking forward to the chance to wear these
jodhpurs ever since I found them this summer.

They are actually army green but that didn't
stop me from pairing them with my hunter
green and black plaid jacket. This is were I decided
to part ways from my inspiration. I am sure
that a proper English lady wouldn't be caught dead
clashing her greens. I, on the other hand, liked this
somewhat off look. I am not into being totally classic
so this suited me just fine.

My locket is vintage and it is one of my favorite thrifted finds.
It is also one of the items that I would most LOVE to know the story
behind. When I found the locket at Saver's I did a happy dance
because I had been trying to find a locket all summer that was
oval and large enough to hold decent sized pictures. This was
perfect, the only problem, it already contained two pictures.
Yep, this poor little locket had been donated with two black
and white pictures inside of it. One of a little baby and the other
a very dapper gentleman in a hat and overcoat. I immediately
knew that I had to buy the locket and save them from the
land of donation. The locket has obviously been worn a lot
and is showing signs of age but I LOVE it.

I can't bring myself
to remove the original owners loved one's for the inside of
it. So I have been wearing it without, my intentional purpose
of having a place to house pictures of my own little angel
babies. I like the idea of holding someone else's loved one's
close to me. I don't care if it sounds strange. I strongly believe that
we are all connected. 

I would hope, that if something happened
to my well loved locket, that the new owner wouldn't simply 
throw the pictures of my babies in the trash.  But would
instead, take a moment to remember the time and care it took
to place their picture inside and to think about the how loved
they must have been. 

Happy Thursday!




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Thrifted Goods:
Plaid Jacket: Value Village ($5)
Locket, Vintage: Savers ($2)
Silk Scarf: Savers ($2)