Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Monday I actually wore my Inspiration Monday with Two Birds
Inspired look. I was so proud of myself for being timely this week.
The only problem is that I was still not posting the look until today.
Oh, well, I am just an inspiration Wednesday type of lady I guess.

Vanessa Hudgens, of High School Musical fame, was the inspiration
image for this week. I was so excited when I saw this picture
and already had my outfit planned out before I even scrolled down
the page. I haven't worn this cardigan in two years.
I am not sure why, other than that I used to wear it A LOT.

Do you find this sometimes to?
You wear something so much that it loses it's effect.

Either way I was very excited to put it on again for this inspired look.

I paired it with camel colored cords, a thrifted Ann Taylor sweater ($2), and my
vintage wool coat. It was FREEZING on Monday so I was really excited
to finally have a chance to wear this wool coat. I thrifted it in June for $7.50 and 
I never had the opportunity to wear it until now. Oh, I do love Fall for the
ability to dress in wool and deep jewel tones again. 

Cords: Gifted By My Sister; Cardigan: NY&Co (super old); Boots: Payless (Super Old);
Sweater: (Under Cardigan) Thrifted, Goodwill, Ann Taylor; Coat: Vintage, Thrifted, Goodwill