Tuesday, October 18, 2011

eShakti Review: Swallows Fly

I was ecstatic when I was contacted by eShakti to
compose a review for them. I was even more
delighted when I saw this lovely skirt and chose
it for my item to focus my review around. 

One of the things that really impressed me about eShakti
was the ability they give their customers to customize
the fit of the item they want to purchase. This service does
cost a little bit more ($7.50), than simply ordering the usual size and style
that they offer, but the obvious benefits, of having something
that fits like a glove as soon as it arrives, is a huge bonus.

I decided to test the customizing feature when ordering
this skirt. I have never had to really measure myself before
when ordering a garment and I also do not sew, so I really
had no idea what I was doing. They do suggest that you have
someone else measure you and I do suggest that as well.
It was difficult to determine what my exact measurements
were on my own. 

eShatki also offers other customizing to really create a very
personalized piece, other than just giving your measurements.
For instance, I changed the length of the skirt and the point
at which the waist band would sit from it's original design.

I really went a little crazy with the altering of the skirt, but since
I was ordering the skirt for the purpose of reviewing it for a post
I wanted to be as thorough as possible in my creation. I was actually
worried that the skirt would be to small when it arrived since I had
changed the measurements and what I ordered didn't really fit
 with the sizing chart on the site.

I was beyond excited when it arrived on Friday, just in time
for my friend's baby shower on Saturday.
When I ordered the skirt I was hoping to debut it at the shower.

The package arrived in a sturdy cardboard box... 

in a plastic sealed bag.

I was surprise with the fact that the edge
of the ruffle wasn't finished. While it was cut well it
is definitely a raw edge.
Maybe, I have been watching to many Project Runway 
episodes but regardless I was surprised to see this. 

I was also surprised that the hidden zipper wasn't entirely
hidden. It was exposed at the very top of the zipper. While
this wasn't something that impeded the zippers function it was
something that I didn't expect to see.

The skirt did have a few wrinkles in it from
being all folded up but, as soon as I shook
it, they easily smoothed out. This, to me, is
a sign of a very high quality material.
Wool should be almost wrinkle free, if it is
a high quality blend, and this is exceptional.

The wool of the skirt is also really heavy and has a gorgeous 
sheen to it. The embroidered birds are even more 
spectacular then I thought that they would be from
looking at it online. The pictures don't do them the
justice that they deserve.

This little lovely is going to be one of my very favorite new skirts
for winter. I cannot even contain myself with all of the remix plans
I have for it. Winter is so blah here and this little skirt is going to
let me have some fun this winter despite the temperature outside.
You might be wondering about the fit since I mentioned I was worried...


the skirt ended up being too big instead of too little.
Quite a bit too big actually. 
I had to use my chip clip tactic to fit the skirt 
to the correct position so that it didn't look gigantic on me.

I also realized that my over customizing concerns were well founded
since the lovely look of the pencil skirt was lost when I altered it to
hit lower on my hips than my waist where it was supposed to be. 
The skirt also became REALLY short when I clipped it
back to it's correct position on my waist. 

I plan to take it to be altered at my local tailor. 
I, seriously, LOVE this skirt so paying to have it altered isn't a big deal
for me. I wanted to give a truthful as possible review and so I am
glad that I went overboard tweaking the skirt. 

If you were to do what I did you could return your item for a full
refund within 30 days of purchase. 
So don't be afraid to alter for the perfect fit. 
You can always return it if it doesn't fit correctly.

My skirt was free, since I was writing a review, 
and that is why I am paying to take it to a tailor.
My opinions are all my own though and I was not compensated otherwise.


Overall, based on the 
quality of the material of the skirt
and the beauty of the embroidery 
I would definitely purchase
from eShakti on my own. 

Although, I did have a couple
of surprises I do not consider them to be enough to
keep me from ordering again, especially when you all
know how thrifty I am with my money;)