Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Barely

New Day, New Shoe:
Cowboy Boots

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I must be on thrifting withdrawal since I keep having dreams
at night where I find that perfect item at the Goodwill only
to realize that I don't have any cash, check, or a credit card.
In fact the only thing that I have in my purse is a chewed
piece of gum. Yep, thrifting withdrawal, that is the only 
reason that I am having these dreams.

My retail detox is going really well. Besides the occasional odd 
dream about chewed gum, I have actually continued to enjoy my
personal remix.
Inspired by a Pinterest image of a similar vest, I
decided to pull my own version of it out, add this spotted dress
I thrifted, but have never worn, and my cowboy boots,
last seen here, also barely worn.

I love the quirky way the whole look turned out.
It reminded me of fall and fields so with harvest
quickly approaching I took advantage of our unseasonably
warm weather and stopped on my way home to snap
a few pics with some ears of corn.