Monday, October 3, 2011

Little Ed Hiding Hood

Today's Shoe Remix
 is brought to you by... 
Riding Boots!

Ava couldn't pronounce the "R" sounds so when
she would try to say "Little Red Riding Hood" it
would come out " Little Ed Hiding Hood".

It was so cute that it stuck and we say "Little Hiding Hood"
still just because of that. 
So I would like to introduce my "Hiding Hood" vintage cape.

I wanted this one...
Pinned Image

but at $248 it was, well, a major stretch.
Then a, couple weeks ago, I was at Value Village
and found this little lovely for....


It was FREEZING on Saturday so all I wanted was fabulous layers 
and a snug warm coat. I was so happy with this look and the
riding boots I chose helped to step the outfit up a notch.
Wearing black and brown are sometimes
thought of as a "no,no" but
I love wearing the
two neutrals
at the
same time.

Cape + Sweater Coat + Turtleneck + Boots + Leggings=
Oh, so cozy Saturday.

Cape: Vintage, Thrifted, Value Village; Sweater Coat: TJMaxx;
Leggings: Kohl's; Turtleneck: Target; Boots: DSW, Clearance