Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gotta Love It...

Gotta love it when remixing uncovers more items that have never breathed
outside of the closet before.

My sister gave me these cords two years ago and I have never worn them.

Now, it isn't like I didn't want to wear them but I thought that they would
be way to long for me to get away with wearing.
Laurie is three inches taller than I am and at 5'10'' needs a longer 
length than I do

But paired with these short squared toed booties they fit like a glove 
and hit me just at the right point to be just long enough without being to long.

I LOVE these booties and have owned them for...10 years! 
Yep, they just celebrated their 10th year of living in my closet.
Whoever tells you that Payless doesn't make quality shoes is crazy.
I have worn and worn and worn these some more and they are
in terrificcondition. I do take good care of my things but 
not over the top care, just simple washing off of salt and dirt.

I bought this black cable knit sweater on clearance at Target at the end of the
season last March for $5. I hung it in the closet and pulled it out
this morning. I decided to go for a layered look by wearing it over a white
stretchy shirt I purchased at the Goodwill three years ago and topped
the whole outfit off with a silk scarf from Saver's that I purchased for $3!

Add a chunky enameled bracelet from F21, 
pearl beaded earrings from H&M,
 a sequin beaded ring, 
and I was out the door.

I have to say that this remix has been my most successful remix
ever and the most fun to boot.

Oh, and if you were wondering...
My retail ban held this weekend!
Yep, not one $ spent on O, A, or myself!

There was a moment when I was tempted by a
lovely tiny antique needlepoint purse made in
Austria, but I knew there would be no way that
I could actually use the purse, since it was so 
delicate, and it would end up sitting in a hatbox 
or a drawer, so I gave it up and kept on walking.