Monday, October 10, 2011


Ava changed my alarm clock time by one hour.
Didn't notice Thursday night since I was so tired.
Woke up on Friday at my "normal" time
only it wasn't my normal time it was actually 
an hour later. I didn't realize this until I went
down to make coffee. Then all of the clocks
seemed to jump off the wall at me like in Alice In Wonderland
as I realized I was supposed to be at work in 10 minutes
and my hair and make up wouldn't be working it that day!

Oh, I made it to work with ten minutes to spare before I had to begin 
teaching and my teaching partner didn't even notice that I was missing.

It took me until second period to realize that it was also picture day.
Oh, joy, no makeup and no hair product makes for one terrific school picture.

Good News: 
It was Friday so I had the weekend to recoup:)

Hope your weekend was restorative as well!