Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I Bought Instead of Missoni

What I bought instead of Missoni...

this lovely peacock wool blazer.

Yep, that is correct.

I didn't run out to Target to buy anything from the line
on Tuesday.

Oh, I had planned to, oh yes I did, but the more I tried
 to access the Target website, the more
I realized that I am not one to pay $$ for an item of clothing.

In that time I also realized that I didn't really LOVE
anything the line had to offer.
Oh, there were a couple of items that I liked a lot
but nothing that I HAD to have.

So the Goodwill it was and this little lovely practically
jumped off the rack into my arms 
so I couldn't possibly not
purchase it.

I love the ruching on the sleeve and the amazing heathered blend of the colors.
I didn't think the pictures did it justice so I took a close up for you.

Okay, so I do need to be honest. 
I am not one with the best will power
so I did head to Target on Wednesday,
obviously wearing my lovely blazer,
and did purchase the last two items
that were still there in an adult size.
I wanted to have the opportunity to at least
have a chance to think about owning
them and if I waited they would 
certainly be gone.

I could feel the panic well up in me as I thought
of simply leaving the store with out them 
so into the cart they went and off to
the cash register.

Once I was home, and the panic was gone,
 I decided I really didn't like them
and back to the store they are going.

My will power may have failed me
but in the long run I am proud of 
myself for not keeping something
just because I want that designer feeling.

Jacket: The Limited, Goodwill; Tunic: Modcloth, Clearance;
 Jeans: Windsor, Clearance; Bracelets: T-B= NY&Co, Big Cedar Lodge;
Flats: Payless