Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Little Nostalgia

When I found this dress at Saver's, my mom started laughing
because it was just like a dress that she had made in the 60's

When I tried it on and showed her I started laughing
as her eyes glazed over and I could tell she was
conjuring a nostalgic memory of her own
lovely A-line mod dress.

I purchased these tights a week before the Missoni line was released
and was impressed when I realized this week that they are very
similar to the $19.99 Missoni's but I only had to pay
$5.00 on Clearance for mine!

 I always am left wondering what stories it would tell if it
could talk. The dress is beautifully made and I 
wish I could ask the lovely person
who made it to sew me a few
more in other fabulous colors.

As soon as I can afford the sewing machine that
I want. I am going to use the dress as a pattern 
to make another one just like it.
It fits me like a glove so another one would
be fantastic!

Jacket: H&M;  Dress: Handmade, Vintage, Saver's;
Boots: Target;  Necklace: F21;
Tights: Target, Clearance