Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Surprising Discovery

Day 2

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments
regarding my retail ban. I consider so many
of you as my friends, even if we haven't
officially met. It is so wonderful
to have support in your corner
when you are trying something
new or difficult.

I have to say that I have already learned a couple of things
already. Which I think is pretty good considering it
is only day #2.

#1: There is no way that I will be able to not online browse.
I had been hoping to eliminate this during this challenge
but my inbox is always full of advertisements for shops that 
I like or sales that are going on.

which brings me to....

#2: I can still browse and pin without having a problem!
I thought that if I saw something that I might want
that I wouldn't be able to just pin it and walk
away. But I have found that knowing that
I have it stored on Pinterest has help
to eliminate that need.

#3: My closet is not my only friend.
I had forgotten about some of my cooler weather
clothes and since I now am shopping my closet I have 
been pulling those babies out. The turtleneck I have on is
a perfect example of this. It has been sitting in my dresser for 4 years!
Yep, 4 years of me saying that I would wear it only never to wear it. I bought
it while I was pregnant with Ava and wore it a lot during that time (it has some 
fabulous stretch to it). I guess after that I just ignored it until this challenge. I found
that I really love the fit of the shirt and will be wearing it a lot more now.

The Most Surprising Discovery....

#4: I feel free!
Yep, I actually feel less stressed.
This was by far the most surprising 
discovery of them all. I never expected
to actually feel better. I think it is because since
I know that I am not allowing myself to shop than that
frees me up from thinking about going to the store after work or
even on the weekends. I am free to focus on the million other things that
need to be done. 

Skirt: NY&Co; Turtleneck: VS; Tights: Old Navy, Clearance; Belt: Goodwill;
Coat/ Boots: Target, Clearance; Pins: Snake- Boutique in NYC, Circle- NY&Co,
Flower: Gift With Purchase, VS; Bracelet: JCPenny; Earrings: Lia Sophia




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