Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Last...

Here is my last meal, oops, I mean purchase....
(Why does having a ban on retail feel like I banned food? Weird.)

(This top was last seen here)

I have been looking for wide leg jeans for a while
hoping that I would be able to thrift a pair
but, as we all know, buying jeans
is hard enough without having to
try on a bunch of different brands that fit differently.
After reading several posts out there that had lovely ladies
wearing jeans that made them appear long and lean
I searched out said miracle jeans. 

One thing
they all had in common...
The Gap!

Now, I haven't shopped at the Gap in years and years but
I had read an article in Lucky magazine about wide leg
trouser jeans that fit terrific and I had looked
them up online to take a look.
I was initially turned off by the high waist.
I cannot stand anything that touches my waist
and I never have. I always buy a size
bigger when I have to have something 
fit at the waist out of terror of that
feeling of material choking off
my middle.

Believe it or not, I am ALL about comfort
and waist cinching fabric choking me is
not my idea of any type of comfort.

I decided to forget the whole shopping online and headed to the mall.
I didn't want to waist my time with buying and returning.
At first try my waist wanted to fight for it's freedom
and I almost ripped them off my body but instead decided to walk
around the dressing room letting the feeling settle.
Once I did this I realized that the jeans had a lot of stretch to them.
As anyone, who loves to eat, I need a little stretch to my
jeans and these stretched very nicely throughout the day
and kept their true shape. 

I love the 70's vibe these have
and I am so glad that I did decide to buy something that
didn't come from thrifting. 
That is incredibly unusual
but necessary to find that perfect fit sometimes.