Friday, September 30, 2011

Inner Outer

Rain, rain go away!
I mean seriously, how much rain does 
Southeast Michigan need?
It has been raining for at least a portion
of EVERYDAY this week.

This outfit was yet again inspired. 
I have been taking a lot of inspiration from
images around me. This little look is based on
this , this , and this on Pinterest and this image in
People Style Watch for October.

But more on the outfit later...

Retail Ban Update: 
I was tested today on my retail ban
and I almost, GASP, failed.
Yep, my first time out to an actual store
to purchase a gift and I had, without
thing, picked up two things to buy
that were for me.


So, I have realized....

I must do this a lot...

Head into a store to pick something up and add one or two other
items, that I really don't need but justify, because I am already there.

This is a pendant that I was going to donate and decided to remix .
I am so glad that I did, because it is a statement piece and fits with
this season's trend for pendants.

I do congratulate myself  for realizing what I was doing and
putting the items back. I could have just as easily walked
out of the store with them. 

Lesson Learned:
Review what is in your hand or cart.
Ask yourself whether you really need the items.
Not want, but need, this is the key to 
saving a bit of cash for later.

Remix: Mix up your wardrobe.
I paired a shirt, I wear a lot in 
cooler weather as a layering shirt, as a vest in this look.
I would never have thought to do this until I had to!
Remix, my friends, remix!

Yep, these are glittery!
How much fun is that?!
A lot for me.

Suit Coat: Salvation Army; Loafers: Ann Klein, Saver's;
Leather Leggings/ Undershirt/ Houndstooth shirt/ Belt: Target;
Pendant: Lia Sophia