Friday, September 23, 2011

A Lovely Harbor

Who wouldn't want a piece of clothing that each day
wished you health, strength, and wealth?

I knew I did as soon as I saw this sunny little message
on the label of this vintage coat at Value Village.

Here is a list of the all of the reasons I ADORE this coat:

- It is in PRISTINE condition
- The $8 price tag
- The bright pumpkin orange color
- The interior is white and orange gingham
- The cream and gold trimmed buttons
- The adorable way the sleeves cinch tight
- The wide collar and lapel
- The side slits
- The cream colored stitching against the orange
-The sturdy broad cloth it is made out of
(I didn't get a picture of this)
- The strange, but fantastic, wrist rests on the inside of the coat!
(I am not sure that is their designed intention 
but that is what I use them for. 
Well, that and as a wrist rest for texting 
because you know how
tired your wrists get holding that
cell phone while texting.)

I thought this outfit was a repeat and so I didn't take any pictures
of it by itself. I seriously cannot believe that it wasn't ever 
photographed since I practically lived in this tunic last winter.
Okay not really, but it was one of my absolute favorite tunics
to wear. I love it because it is thin enough to be worn over
a light sweater or a t-shirt so it makes it the perfect transitional
item to have in my wardrobe. 

I purchased it from ASOS
last December on a terrific sale and I have been happy 
with it from the first moment I pulled it out of the box.
It has a multicolored feather image on the front with
a rough leather tie hanging down the front and
at the end of the tie are two feathers.
I love the modern edge to it
but there is also something
vintage about it to me.

I chose to pair the tunic with skinny leggings and python print heels.

Jacket: Misty Harbor, Vintage, Value Village; Tunic: ASOS;
Leggings/Heels: Target; Earrings: Lia Sophia; 
Necklaces: Thrifted, Saver's