Monday, September 26, 2011

Gingham Tigers

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend!
We sure did.
I even was able to take O and A to the
Toledo Zoo with my mom, sister, and nieces.
It was threatening rain but by the time we
arrived in Toledo the sky had cleared
and the animals were on the prowl.
Literally, all of them were super active.
Even the tigers, who usually hide,
were up walking around and 
very vocal.
If you haven't ever heard a tiger
vocalize it is quite something!

I wasn't sure what to wear so I decided to channel this outfit
from a Zoo visit in the Spring.
I never expected this gingham shirt to be used as a neutral,
for mixing and remixing, but I have so many images
pinned on Pinterest which involve a gingham
shirt that I am going to be wearing it a lot.

I have decided to, gulp, join the retail ban.
I have been waiting for Kendi to start
another closet remix, but I cannot wait.
So I am putting myself into a mandatory
remix on my own.

Since the remix always involves no
retail therapy I am banning myself
from all shopping which involves
the purchase of anything for 
myself OR Otto and Ava!
Yep, I am including the 
kids in this since I have
started to really like
buying them things to.

The only problem that I can see is that this means
I cannot go thrifting and that is going to hurt a little
but thrifting will be there when the remix is over
so wish me luck and here we go!
( I am going to post the rules for myself on tomorrow's post.)

Gingham Shirt: A&F, Thrirfted, Goodwill; Sweater: INC, Macy's, Clearance;
Jeggings: NY&Co, Clearance; Boots: Kmart, Sale;
 Necklace: Gift from my Mom from Ireland