Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Remix: AKA The Shopping Ban

The Rules

1) No retail therapy, including purchases for O and A AND the use of  gift cards, for the next 60 days.
(Exception: My sister's weekend the first weekend of November to Chicago. This was
planned prior to my ban and I am NOT going to Chicago without the ability to do a little
shopping with my sister. We will be thrifting while there as well and I cannot wait!)

2) Remix all of my outfits using what I already have on hand.
( I will not limit myself to a certain number of items since I am not shopping anyway.)

3) Focus the remix outfits for this challenge on transition from Summer to Fall.
(I am hoping to keep this up as long as the weather in Michigan cooperates.)

4) OAGJ posts will focus on how my remixing is going
 as well as my reactions to the shopping ban.

I, Julie, promise to not purchase anything from myself or my children for the next 60 days.

Stay tuned to see how I do on this little self imposed adventure!