Sunday, September 11, 2011

It Changed It All

Today is my 37th birthday.

Prior to 2001...
I had never liked my birthday.
Even as a child I didn't look forward to it.
It wasn't as if my parents didn't go all out to 
celebrate the birth of their oldest child.
They did with an exuberance and excitement.
But I would usually end up making myself
sick as the day approached.

Fast forward to September 11, 2001.

I can clearly remember exactly where I was
standing when I heard the traumatic news.
Like everyone else world wide I immediately
began making phone calls to locate my family members. 
My Uncle was supposed to be flying from
Boston to LA after attending a medical conference.
After frantic phone calls it was confirmed that he 
was originally booked on a flight but had decided
to stay on in Boston to visit my cousins who lived there.

As the whole world stopped in shock and fear
I was struck with the overwhelming 
appreciation for my life. 
I had the chance to live another day.
A chance to accomplish everything 
I wanted out of my life.

At that moment I was changed forever.
Yes, each time I was asked for my license
the comment was made about what a horrible
day it was to have for a birthday.
As soon as I would hear this
I would explain that it actually
created a deep
appreciation for life.
I get to have an amazing life.
I get to have another day.
A change in perspective helped those
stuck in tragedy to remember to 
appreciate life.
And that my dear friends
is a day to celebrate.

Image is from Ava's 3rd Birthday Party

as we are forever reminded of how fragile life is,
Happy Birthday to everyone who gets to 
celebrate life today as well.