Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cheers To Another

I am officially 37 years old.
I am not sure what I thought 37 would look like
but I think I look pretty good for my age.
I am not sure what I though 37 would feel like but...
I have two beautiful, independent, intelligent,
and feisty children.
I have an amazing husband who knows me sometimes
better than I know myself.

I am blessed to also have two beautiful nieces who are also my God daughters.
I am lucky enough to still have both of my parents still with me.
I am closer today with my sister than I have been any time in our lives.
We have always been closer than close.
I have an amazing brother-in-law who loves my sister with his whole heart.

My mother and grandmother are a living inspiration to me.
I am supremely blessed to have some of the dearest
friends a person can ever be lucky enough to have.
I am lucky enough to also get up each morning
and go to a job that I love.
I am a planner and planned for some of
what occurred in my first 37 years
but the unexpected was even better than what
I dreamed.

So, cheers
to a fantastic 37 years
another 37 that are just as 

Boots/ Dress: Savers; Vest: Goodwill; Belt: Target;
 Bracelet: NY&Co, Clearance; Earrings: Lia Sophia