Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Falling Thanks

When I was growing up this tree wasn't much of a tree at all
and really was just a glorified stick in the ground.
My dad had placed a pipe around it to protect
it from being run over by the lawn mower.

As I grew up so did the tree but I never really paid all that much 
attention to it except to curse at it every time I had to drive
the lawnmower around it and narrowly
miss getting my eye poked out by
the mature branches.

I wasn't until Saturday, that I really looked at it in all of it's
fall glory, heavy with it's apple bounty that will
feed my mom's wild "pets", which include
the doe and her fawn, who love to lay under it
in the summer and soak up the sun.
But come fall...
My mom has even witnessed up to 10
deer at a time standing in the yard
eating apples in the fall.

We could never forget the 30 pound daddy woodchuck, his
equally fluffy wife, and there 4 children who also
visit the tree to eat the apples. It seems
that there is at least a couple of larger family
reunions as their other woodchuck
relatives visit them from time to time
just to sample the tasty treats.
Raccoon's at night and rabbits during the day,
are provided with an extra layer of winter warmth
courtesy of the apple tree.

Shoes: Payless; Jacket: Thrifted, Goodwill; 

Turtleneck/ Cardigan/ Scarf: Target;

Jeggings: NY&Co, Clearance