Sunday, July 10, 2011

Outfit 16 of 30: Moon River

When: Saturday, July 2
(These pictures were taken while at dinner at the Moon River Cafe in Branson, MO)

It is amazing the number of ways that I wore this scarf during our vacation.
It was mostly used for a heat conscience way of creating a belt that didn't require me to over heat for style.
It worked well as a head scarf while I was at the pool to protect my hair and a lovely neck tie as well, although I don't have pictures of either of these looks.

I purchased this necklace for Ava while we were away, but then I decided that it was to big for her little frame and I adopted it as my own.
It is a little to cutesy for me but I liked the whimsy of it just the same.
I know that I will end up passing it onto her when she is a bit bigger but until then,
 I will enjoy a little Valentine's Day before February.