Sunday, July 10, 2011

Outfit 13 of 30: A Little Natural Bliss

A retired chuck wagon that was purchased for that rugged mountain feel and placed at the campfire ring.
When: Monday, June 27, 2011

Otto had so much fun collecting new and interesting insects this trip:)
I really wanted to take some pictures that would showcase the diversity of the Big Cedar.

There are areas of the property where you think you are in the middle of the wilderness and then you step back in time to gaze upon architecture from the roaring 1920's. Laid stone paths that wind through floral masterpieces with gabled cottages nestled into the rolling hills. Iron work wherever you turn that showcases the native flora and fauna of Missouri. All this is positioned so that Table Rock Lake becomes the crown jewel of shimmery splendor. If that were not enough water features have been set up to display water falls and streams so that you can't walk anywhere without the rhythmic trickling of gently rolling water.

This particular little spring makes an "S" curve with a lovely suspension bridge over it to walk across.

Pure, natural, unadulterated, peaceful, bliss that is my summer home for one week out of every year.
I am truly blessed and always look forward to our lovely retreat into the mountains.
Our favorite champagne brunch is served in this converted former residence of Mr. Worman a railroad tycoon who purchased the land with his friend Mr. Truman, and was the first to build on the Big Cedar property.
His home was built into one of hills to take in the beautiful Table Rock Lake vista.




Who:Shorts and Shirt: H&M (2011)
Sandals: R12 (Marshall's, 2011)
Belt: Mossimo (Target, 2010)