Monday, July 11, 2011

Inspiration Monday: Striped Moss Thrifted Jacket

When: Monday, July 11

I thought, arriving home from vacation and our long awaited for family wedding over, that I would have more energy and enthusiasm to be productive. In actuality it has been the exact opposite. The only motivation for me to get out of my pajama's and be up moving at all is that today is Inspiration Monday at Two Birds.

I was excited for this challenge because I am a black and white type of lady. I love the two colors together and I finally found a pin striped jacket thrifting last week that works for my inspired look. I have been looking for a suit jacket that would work for casual or dressier looks but I was insisting on thrifting it instead of going to a regular store.

The main motivation for thrifting was because I can always find something that is far more unique thrifting than I can ever find at a mass market store. Not to mention that I am now to the point where I cannot bring myself to pay for then $5-$10 for any item of clothing. In fact I shocked myself on Friday by putting back a clearanced $13 Calypso St. Barth's dress at Target that I had been wanting because I couldn't bring myself to pay the clearanced price. Long story short, my wait was over last Wednesday when Ava and I went thrifting. I didn't find a lot of things, but I did find this beautiful jacket for $3 and that was an excellent thrifting day in my book. 

Kate's jacket is a little more rock and roll then mine, but I have a lot of rock and roll items of clothing so I am fine wearing this little laid back piece. One of the main reasons I loved this jacket is that it is cut longer like a tuxedo jacket with the buttons closing higher then a regular suit coat. It has a really feminine line though so my curves are not lost in a boxy coat. Perfection on a bun.

I am going to double dip and also post a little floral added to my striped skirt for
Monday: Stripe and Floral Mix...

 Fashion Challenge: Trends Week with Casual Chic Kiki and Megan Mae Daily.

I first posted a floral and stripe mix in June with this look:

I am not quite so lazy to repost an outfit though, so I decided to mix it up today with this look...




Inspiration Monday:
Jacket: Giorgio Sant' Angelo(Goodwill, $3, 2011)
T-Shirt: J Crew (Outlet, 2010)
Skirt: Grace (Ross Dress For Less, 2009)
Heels: Franco Sarto (Marshall's, 2011)
Lucite Ring: Big Cedar Lodge, Collection's Boutique (2011)
Hand Bag: Coach (Gift From My Sister, 2010)

Fashion Challenge: Trends (Monday)Dress (worn as a shirt): Dressbarn (Outlet, 2010)
Skirt: Grace (Ross Dress For Less, 2009)
Heels: Evan Picone (Goodwill, Vintage, 2011)
Belt: Accessory with Purchase of a Coat