Sunday, July 10, 2011

Outfit 14 of 30: Falling Again

When: Wednesday, June 29

Greg and I didn't celebrate our anniversary until the 29th of June even though the
25th of June is our actual anniversary date.
My In Law's sent us out to dinner for the evening to the Worman House.
The restaurant was running a special for couple's dinners.
We had never eaten dinner there so we were very excited.

The meal included entrees as well as an appetizer and two glasses of wine.
We chose to eat the smoked trout spread with homemade lavosh pumpkin seed bread.
It was amazing!
I could have eaten that for my meal as well it was so delicious.

After dinner we walked around the property taking pictures and enjoying the scenery.
I had spent the entire day out at the pool in the 100+ degree sun and learned the hard way that water is necessary to be drinking all day not just at lunch and dinner.
I ended up feeling as if I had been drinking bottles of wine instead of a glass of wine and
soon discovered that I was dehydrated.
After being with someone for 10+ years and married for 7 of those years, it is so fantastic to be able to just be sick and not have an evening be ruined.
Water with juice was the answer and within an hour I felt much better.
 We decided to just stay in though watch a movie and hang out with Otto and Ava. 

I have to give Ava credit for my outfit.
She had decided what she wanted me to wear to dinner on Sunday.
While the sequin and pink were a given for  a 3.5 year old
I was impressed with her choice for a scarf for a belt.
I never would have been able to put this outfit together at her age, although
I also wouldn't have been allowed to help my mom pick out her outfit either.
It worked really well with the extreme heat as well.




Who:Tank: George (Walmart, $3 Clearance, 2010)
Skirt: H&M ($17, 2011)
Scarf: NY&Co
Heels: (Marshall's, Clearance, 2011)