Monday, July 4, 2011

Outfit 11 of 30: A Jolly Good Time

When: Friday, June 24

My sister, Laurie, and I hamming it up in the parking structure.

Sometimes I just really do not think through things before I act.

This particular night was one of them...

We were in need of being up at 4am to leave for vacation. It takes us between 11 and 13 hours to make it from Michigan to Ridgedale, MO. We used to stop half way and spend the night just to get up and drive the rest of the way. This was thrown out a couple years back because it is easier on Otto and Ava if we just drive straight through and then let them swim in the pool when we get there then to make them pack up and drive again.

My friend Ruthie and I outside taking goofy pictures in front of a shop.

Well, I should have been burning this on the front burner in my brain but something just happens when I get to actually go out for the evening, especially when it is with my sister. To make things even better I was going out with my sister and my former sister-in-law, now friend Ruthie. Try saying that 3 times fast;)
One Millionaire Mojito led to another and another and then another bar and another drink. Before I knew it it was after midnight and I had to be up and going in a few short hours! Needless to say the first few hours of the car ride were ROUGH with Greg making snarky comments about my escapades the entire time.

I am no baby and so I sucked it up and survived the best I could guzzling Smart water and napping. As you can see from the pictures it was WELL WORTH it! I had a fabulous time and some unforgettable memories.
Will I make the same choice next year before we leave?
 Nope, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the memories of this one!




Shorts: H&M (Spring 2011)
Shirt: Lace T-Shirt (Goodwill, 2011)
Vest: Worthington (Goodwill, 2011)
Jacket: Baby Phat (Gift From My Mom, 2011)
Heels: Payless (2009)
Headband: JC Penny (2011)
Statement Necklace: Lucy and Laurel (TJ Maxx)
Bracelet: JC Penny (2011)
Earrings: Gift From My Mom