Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Outfit 12 of 30: Mother Daughter Act

When: Tuesday, June 28

I'm back!
Vacations are always fantastic, but I am always happy to come home.
As wonderful as it is to live in la la land for a while, I am a creature of habit and I love my own space.
I am so excited to share a little bit from our family trip with you.
Each of the posts that I will publish this week are pictures that we took while we were away and they are all on property. I have always loved the picturesque scenery of Big Cedar but everything was made just a little bit more beautiful when I was looking at it with blogging in mind.

While the boys were trying to catch the biggest fish in the pond
(It had stormed that night before so the fish weren't really biting. Otto was upset that he didn't end up catching anything and became really disgruntled about it. We spend part of the week trying to explain the concept of fishing for fun and not always catching anything. Needless, to say the almost 5 year old wasn't convinced).

Ava and I decided to have a little photo shoot.
Her favorite outfit of the week was this pink sparkly halter top and striped leggings.
Ava LOVES leggings.
Even though it was 90 some degrees she still wanted to wear her leggings.
This did change as the week progressed and the temperature climbed into the 100's. She changed it up by wearing a turquoise tiered skirt with elephants on it.
The change was necessary as the heat index hit 105 degrees!
I love heat but 105 is a bit much even for me.

This covered path was perfect for pictures. It is a cut through below one of the oldest pools at Big Cedar, Devil's Pool. It is called Devil's Pool because it is next to a bottomless lake that the Native Americans in this area thought the Devil himself had created to try and make it back up to earth from hell. A bit dramatic but what 1920's resort would be complete without a little spooky story thrown in for good measure.

I received such a nice comment from one of children's activity attendants. She said that my outfit was the best that she had seen since she started working at Big Cedar. I was a little amazed but appreciated her kind words all the same. Then I handed her a business card for OAGJ and said that if she was interested that she should take a look at the blog. I hadn't ever had an opportunity like that to give a card to a stranger. Normally, I give them to friends of friends and that is about it.

I am not sure if she will take a look or not but she was impressed when I told her that my outfits are usually thrifted or purchased on clearance sales!

It just goes to show that you don't have a spend a lot of money for your outfits to make a statement.




Shirt: TJ Maxx (Clearance, 2010)
Shorts: NY&Co (2010)
Flip Flops: Etienne Aigner (Ross Dress For Less)
Scarf: NY&Co