Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bells Were Ringing

When: Friday, July 8
I had wanted to participate in Everybody, Everywear's Yellow day but let's get real here...I look HORRIBLE in yellow. So I thought I would skip looking like I had jaundice and instead post pictures from the wedding we attended last Friday.

 I had three different dresses picked out to wear for the wedding.
I chose the one that was the most comfortable for the activities of the day.
I actually have never worn this particular dress before but I was very pleased with the fit and the style.
It looked perfect for this dressy evening wedding.
The main colors of the wedding were black and cream so I fit in perfectly.

Otto and Ava were included in the wedding party.

My Great Grandmother's necklace and earrings set!
I was so excited to finally have an opportunity to wear it.
The set has been sitting in my dresser since I was in high school and has never seen
the light of day on my neck or ears.
One of the stones is missing from the necklace, but I do have it.
I just have never wanted to glue it back in for fear of ruining it's vintage value.
I was going to wear them for my own wedding, but decided to wear a necklace that had belonged to my husband's grandmother, to honor her, since she passed away very suddenly the February before our wedding

These images didn't do justice to my heels which were black sequin.
They were, as Ava professed, awesome!
Not to worry, I will be figuring out another way of including them into an outfit post shortly.

My lovely family.
Otto and Ava did a terrific job in their role as flower girl and ring bearer.




Who:Dress: Ross Dress For Less ($10)
Heels: Guess (Marshall's, Clearance, $30)
Necklace and Earrings Set: Vintage, My Great Grandmother's