Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Outfit 3, 4, and 5 of 30: POSTponed

When: Tuesday, June 14

Outfit: #3 - Grecian

I found this dress in the clearance section at Target. It was the only one there and it didn't have any tags. I knew that it was convertible but that was it. I had no idea how to "convert" it to anything in particular so I winged it.

I wrapped the two longer pieces to make dolmen sleeves then pulled them around the front and back again.

Finally, I took the little bit that was left and twisted and tucked the ends. Ta Da! My look for work today. I added the necklace, which I love because it reminds me of an ancient Egyptian design. It must remind other people of the same thing because every time I wear it I end up with lovely compliments like "You look so regal" or "You look like a queen today". You have got to love that:)

Another Back Option for Outfit: #3

I decided to play around with the two long pieces and tied them so that there was a peek a boo effect in the back. The front still looks the same with the dolmen sleeve draping so I am counting this as an option not an outfit change.

Outfit: #4- Roman Draping

I have to say that I think this is my favorite look. Since there is a hint of controversy with the side wrap near one of the girls it is not appropriate for work, but I can see myself wearing this for a fun night out on the town or to an outdoor dressy event. I think this is also going to become part of my Halloween costume for this year. I love Grecian and Roman influenced looks and this fits perfectly with both. All I need is a crown of laurel and I am all set.

Outfit: #5- A Little Drama

I do not like how this look turned out so that is why this post is the title that it is.

I am postponing this as my official outfit #5 because I know that I can do better with this outfit then it looks here. You are probably wondering why I posted it today and honestly I wanted to post the pictures I took yesterday and I wanted to share all  the options I came up with. I am going to remix this outfit in particular by adding accessories and a change of shoes. I don't like the casual sandals with this particular conversion. I would definitely wear this to an outdoor wedding or reception. I love the flowing draping down the back. It was really fun to twirl around in although I will save that for enjoying on my own since the draping would end up hitting someone in the face if I attempted it at a party.

All in all I don't think this is to bad of a start since I converted the dress to these different looks all while taking pictures in the park. I am still playing around with other ways that it can be converted. I will be taking more advantage of my accessories with some of the other looks so stay tuned for those options as well. 

A bonus I didn't think about with a convertible dress is that you can change things up with little effort and a little time. I will definitely be packing this little gem for our vacation to Ridgedale in another week.




Dress: Mossimo (Target, $15 Clearance, 2011)
Sandals: R21 (Marshall's, 2011)
Necklace: Walmart ($5, 2010) (Do not judge)