Tuesday, June 14, 2011

30 For 30 Items For Remix

So here is the break down...

2 Skirts ( 2 H&M)
3 Pair of Shorts ( 1 NY&Co, 2 H&M)
1 Pair of Jeggings (NY&Co)
1 Romper (JC Penny)
1 Convertible Dress (Target) 
(Cut Out of Picture, but I am wearing it today so I will show it to you tomorrow.)

I am focusing on sticking to these bottoms and leaving myself open to mixing with as many different tops as possible. I will be traveling quite a bit so I am sticking to a packing list similar to the one below for our trip to Ridgedale, MO. We will be visiting the Big Cedar Lodge, which means mostly swimwear but there are also outdoors activities that we will be participating in this year, since Otto and Ava are able to participate in a wider variety of activities.

I plan to use the advice in the image below for remixing my shorts and skirts for lots of different types of activities and events. I am really excited about this since I tend to stick mainly to wearing short sleeve tops with shorts and not branching out really from there.

I am excited for this challenge since I tend not to put as much effort into my summer dressing because I am home or on vacation most days of the summer months. This is going to help me to branch out a bit and take a second look at my summer clothes. I usually get into a rut during the summer and stick to the same outfit. I am holding myself accountable my posting pictures throughout the summer to keep myself moving through the challenge. The winter remix really was inspirational for me. I wore items in my closet that had been hanging there for at least a year without being worn. I think that this remix will help me to see how I can incorporate cooler weather items with more summery items to carry me into the fall as well. This is key for me since the lovely Michigan weather keeps me wearing my fall and winter items more than my summer things and therefore get tired of my fall and winter things much more quickly. If I can carry some of my summer things into fall that will give me a longer period of time before I switch over to cooler weather clothing.