Thursday, June 16, 2011

Outfit 6 of 30: Angry Birds?

I had my eyes closed for this shot but I liked my twirly skirt so I chose to cut my head off as opposed to later when I cut my head off by accident. Poor head, I really do like you a lot.

When: Wednesday, June 15

I would say that I love nature more than most people. Those people would however be people who hate nature so I am not ranking myself very high on that list. I grew up in a somewhat rural town surrounded by cornfields and farms. My graduating class from high school consisted of 100 kids so it was a small town atmosphere that I spent my younger days. I qualify all of this because today that small town is boasting 400+ kids per graduating class and the cornfields have turned into subdivisions. A farm is a rarity to say the least but they still exist here and there. I don't spend a lot of time in my hometown anymore but don't worry I didn't pick up and take off to the city either. Actually I didn't run very far at all and live a mere 20 minutes away in another small town turned suburban center in a subdivision that was once a cornfield.

Since my younger days were filled with fields, flowers, farms, and corn I do have a soft spot in my heart for old barns. This old barn is REALLY ancient and it does not exist out in the country but tucked away behind a small shopping complex. Oh suburbia is paving over with parking lots and shopping complexes. This is yet another little gem of a location that I have been driving past for several years without paying much attention. It is really gnarly and full of terrific stories, I am sure if it could talk it would be holding my attention with more than it's weathered good looks.

This particular beauty even came with it's own angry birds, no not the cell phone game, but real angry birds or so I thought. As I was snapping these pictures I kept hearing an angry bird chirping at me. I say it was angry because it sounded like it was giving a warning before it dive bombed my head. I quickly assured it that I would only be standing near it's home for another moment or two and that I loved old barns hoping to appeases it's angry chirping. The bird didn't seem to care and continued to carry on. This is when I stepped away from the barn to see where my little friend was peaking out from and to also size up the distance I had to close to get to my car in one piece in case it did attack. As I stepped away from my little corner what I found was NOT an angry bird but.....

Punxsutawney Phil!


I couldn't believe it. A ground hog was chirping at me.

First off, I was fascinated by the fact that ground hogs chirp for I had no idea that they made any noise what's so ever.

Secondly, I was impressed by the shear girth of my little chirping friend. For he/she was sizable foe.

Thirdly, I was TERRIFIED because this little or should I say not so little ground hog was incredibly close to me staring at me accusingly from a hole in the side of the barn.

Needless to say that I removed my self from my photo location next to Phil or Philamina's barn and sat on a rock to take a few final shots.

At this point I cut my head off and said who really cares if they see my face and quickly got into my car and drove away. Okay, not so quickly, I was still fascinated with the ground hog and waited a few minutes to see if it would come out. I was really curious as to how big it really was. No luck though, it never came out while I was still there. I think it knew that it had a formidable opponent and was intimidated by me. Yep, I am going to stick with that explanation not that it was scared by my screaming like a little girl and running to my car in fear.

So the outfit you say, why is she not talking about the outfit? Enough about barns and ground hogs.

Well, here it is.

I love this t-shirt. It is from Target's Woodstock anniversary homage a couple years ago. I have worn it a ton but never with a skirt and never to work. I don't know about you but I don't really like t-shirts. My husband would be happy if I dressed in t-shirts and shorts all of the time and never wore make-up but that is never going happen. Secretly, I think that he would also be a little sad if I just never cared about how I looked. When I purchased this it was with him in mind. I figured it would be a t-shirt that I could wear that was still cute and I seriously love the 1960's. I would have loved to live during those turbulent times. Peace marches and civil rights parades. I would have been all about that. Making my mark on history. Since I didn't live during these times I instead covet the style from those times.

I paired the shirt with a bohemian vibe skirt. Another lovely purchase from H&M, thanks mom and dad for the gift card .I love both of my skirts! It was actually cold on Wednesday so I threw on a jean jacket Since I was wearing the white skirt I didn't want to wear my white jacket as well. I also ended up liking the way that the jacket looked with the outfit so I left it on all day. I added the belt for some interest. I am really focusing on accessories this challenge. I want to remix those as well as my other clothing items. Finally, I added my peep toes Mary Jane by Clarks. I liked the neutral color of them along with the outfit as well as the fact that they seem a little vintage to me. A few silver bracelets and earrings and away I went for my last full day of kids. This has been a terrific school year and it is ending on a high note since I will be teaching the same grade level next year. Finally, a summer of relaxation after last summer's crazy changes and moving.




Shirt: Target Woodstock Anniversary
Skirt: H&M (2011)
Heels: Clark (Goodwill, 2011)
Jacket: NY&Co (Really Old Like 1990's Old)
Belt: Steve Madden (Marshall's, 2011)

This is the face that you get when you see your beloved camera and tripod get picked up by the wind and thrown on it's side. It turned into a phew face when I was able to save it before it hit the ground.
 Between the chirping ground hog and my camera almost taking a hit literally I was done with photo taking for the day. Hope your day was just as amusing!