Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Outfit 2 of 30 and EBEW Lace Day: I Wear Eyelet Shorts

When: Saturday, June 4

I have been looking forward to wearing these adorable shorts (30 for 30 item)
 since I purchased them a couple of weeks ago.

I have been wearing a lot of my lace items for other posts so I decided to use these pictures for Everybody Everywear's Lace Day. I realize that eyelet isn't really lace but the effect is similar and I didn't have a lace item selected for my 30 for 30.

I had been looking for additional unique shorts to add to my summer wardrobe. I purchased a pair of tapestry silver shorts last summer from NYC&Co. They were an out on a limb purchase for me because they weren't on sale but there was something about them that I just loved so I was willing to pay full price. Every time I wear them I feel terrific and have received lots of compliments as well. That purchase motivated me to not to purchase my usual chino shorts this summer. Hence, the motivation for this purchase. I don't think there is anything more adorable then eyelet. As a bonus there is also the bubble effect to the shape and tiny side slat pockets. I tested them out on Saturday in 95 degree heat. They definitely will be a staple item this summer to combat the heat and humidity of Michigan.

I have been adding graphic and floral prints to my wardrobe. I immediately snatched up this terrific tank. The only problem with it is that it is polyester. This makes it horrible to wear in oppresive heat so I am going to have to save it for cooler days. Luckily, living in the state I do, there are lots of those. I can see myself remixing it with jackets, cardigans, and dress shirts.

I don't usually pose with any additional accessories, but I couldn't resist my rose clutch. I haven't used it yet and even hid the tags inside of it. I am going to make a point of trying to use more of my bags in my photos. I have so many of them that it is a shame not to be included.





Shorts: H&M ($14.95, 2011)
Shirt: George (Goodwill, $1.50, 2011)
Flats: Lela Rose (Payless, 2010)
Belt: Collections Boutique (Ridgedale, MO, 2010)
Clutch: H&M ($5, Clearance, 2011)

Here are some other ways that I have remixed the belt and flats from this post: