Thursday, June 23, 2011

Outfit 10 of 30: Arm Party

When: Thursday, June 23

It was rainy and colder today so I found myself wanting to be cozy and comfy but I needed to make several returns as well and didn't want to go out looking like I didn't care. The solution is one of my go to outfits: Jeggings, T-Shirt, and a Cardigan. Usually, I will admit, I wouldn't be very likely to photograph this look because I don't think it is all that special but since I am now on a roll with the 30 for 30 I wanted to take pictures just the same.

Whenever I wear a bunch of different bracelets on my arm I always think it looks like my arm is having a party. I know that it sounds silly but I like it when I catch a look at my wrist and see all of the different fun bangles and bling hanging out together.

I wanted to feature a close up of my cardigan since it has these amazing little metal studs down the front. I am not sure who would give up this rockin' item but I am glad that they did!




Cardigan: Express (Goodwill, $2, 2011)
T-Shirt: Mossimo (Target, 2010)
Jeggings: NY&Co (2010)
Bracelets: Asos.com, Bead For Life, JC Penny
Earrings: Gift
Heels: Merona (Target, 2011)