Monday, June 6, 2011

Inspiration Monday: Another Use For A Chip Clip

When: Monday, June 5

Sick kids taking long naps allowed me to snap a quick photo shoot on Saturday. It was 85 degrees outside so the shirt and skirt were not the best choice to be wearing standing in the sun. I adore this skirt! When I purchased it I loved it but it didn't really feel like a "Julie" skirt. So what made me buy it? The twirly factor, the lace, the crinoline, the vintage looking fabric flowers on the waist, and the vintage vibe. I also think it was divine intervention because now almost a year later this skirt is totally me. 

I guess I have lost more weight since last wearing it because it was HUGE when I put it on.

Solution: The Chip Clip off of the pretzel bag 

This was fantastic for getting the fit I wanted, but not for walking around outside with my neighbors all out doing yard work. I looked rather curious as I walked around my house looking for a shooting location with my back to the house the whole time. If I didn't move this way my booty would have been giving a show.

The inspiration picture included a chambray shirt. I have been trying to stick to NO SHOPPING, even thrifting, so I substituted the chambray for this lovely satin cobalt blue shirt. I like the causal look of the chambray and I have been looking for one for the last 4 months but I don't want to spend the cash right now. On the other hand, while my satin shirt is dressy, it was calling to me for 3 weeks before I purchased it. I had purchased my pink one and then saw this one. I wasn't originally a huge fan of satin but now I LOVE them. Although summer is not the most pleasant season to wear them so I will be packing them away for fall. That is the beauty of living where there are four seasons. I get to put things away and then happily reunite with them the following season.
Here is the pink shirt in action!




Who:Shirt: (Tag is missing) (Goodwill, $1.50, 2011)
Skirt: INC (Macy's, Clearance, 2010)
Heels: Dana Buchman (Kohl's, Clearance, 2010)