Saturday, June 25, 2011

For All Of This Lifetime

Happy 7 Years Honey!

June 25, 2004-June 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary Babe!

My life is complete because you are in it and that is a void that I didn't think would ever be filled.

Who could have perdicted that there would be a human being who could love me with all of my dents and dings and who could appreciate those dents and dings as gifts.

Seven years ago today we made a commitment for life and even though at times it might seem like a job that nobody wants we stick to our commitment and have grown in a depth of loving that I certianly didn't know ever existed. So even though we joke and say that today is just another day, I know that it is not just another day, it is a day that we made a vow to grow together and support one another through ever obstacle that comes our way.

Thank you for loving me with all of your heart and for being the MOST loyal person that I know.

You are an amazing man and I am so grateful that you are all mine!

I, Julie, take you, Gregory, for my husband for all of this lifetime.

Love You More Today Than Yesterday and Less Than Tomorrow,